January 23, 2014

Join us on Thursday, January 30th at 3pm CST as Griswold’s Christopher Kelly MEd, Director of Learning & Development, Thomas M. Brunner, BSEE, MBA, President and CEO of the Glaucoma Research Foundation and Art Takahara , a person living with Glaucoma, discuss the types and symptoms of Glaucoma, steps to diagnosis, treatment options, impact on quality of life, and steps you can take to improve quality of life.

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Thomas M. Brunner, BSEE, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Glaucoma Research Foundation




Art Takahara – Person Living with Glaucoma
President and Chief Executive Officer
De Anza Manufacturing, Inc.




Christopher Kelly, MEd
Director of Learning & Development
Griswold Home Care




The workshop features four parts:

Step 1: Learn about the symptoms, types and impact of Glaucoma
Step 2: Understand how to recognize, diagnose and treat Glaucoma
Step 3: Learn how to adjust to the emotional, physical, social and role changes that often come with Glaucoma
Step 4: Hear real stories and practical tips from a professional advocate/researcher and a person living with Glaucoma
Step 5: Access a Fighting Glaucoma Toolkit that offers innovative tools and resources for people living with Glaucoma and their family/professional caregivers

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