• Overview

    Griswold Home Care is a non-medical home care agency serving San Antonio and the surrounding communities. We place Caregivers who provide personal care, homemaking, companionship, incidental transportation and other home care services in the Client’s home or facility of their choice. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

    High Quality Meets Affordability
    Our home care fees are designed so that Caregivers can earn market supported, competitive wages, permitting our offices to attract the best individuals as Caregivers in the San Antonio and surrounding communities. Yet, we keep our administrative overhead to a minimum to be the wisest financial alternative for home care services for our Clients and their families living in Bexar, Comal and Guadalupe counties.
    The Non-Medical Home Care Option
    Non-medical home care service in San Antonio is becoming a popular alternative to nursing homes and other facilities allowing our Clients to retain their dignity and to remain safe and independent at home. Many of our Clients are also using our care services in conjunction with home health care, hospice care, rehabilitative centers, assisted living facilities and in many other locations of their choice. Contact our San Antonio Northeast or Northwest Office to learn more about non-medical home care services for senior adults, people with disabilities and others with long-term care needs. Non-medical home care options include:
    • Hourly home care
    • Overnight home care
    • Customized services
    With our consumer-driven model of home care, Griswold Home Care San Antonio has an option that fits your needs.
    Hourly Home Care
    From 2 hours to 24 hours, we can meet your every non-medical home care need. While some Clients need in-home help 24 hours per day, around-the-clock, others need light assistance once or twice each week. The choice is yours. We will place a Caregiver to match your requirements.
    Customized Home Care Services
    On request, we offer shorter hours of service or combinations of non-medical home care services to suit your unique preferences. Hourly home care, overnight home care or customized home care ...our non-medical home care services are customized to fit your needs. To have our office contact you, click here. We're proud of our rates! To see our rates for our home care services in San Antonio click here.
  • Our Services
    Wherever or whatever your home care needs may be

    Senior companion care, residential home care, facility care, supportive care, respite care . . . Griswold Home Care of San Antonio is there to fulfill your home care needs!

    Below are typical home care services that our Caregivers provide. Please contact us to discuss your home care needs and we will be happy to develop a service plan specifically for you.

    There’s no need to pick and choose what home care services you want. All services are provided for one low price – no cafeteria pricing or sliding scales.

    Contact Us

    • Personal Home Care Services
      • Bathing
      • Bed bath
      • Tub bath
      • Shower
      • Sponge bath
      • Shave
      • Shampoo
      • Oral/mouth care
      • Brush teeth
      • Denture care
      • Dressing
      • Grooming
      • Comb or brush hair
      • Skin care
      • Perineal care
      • Change adult briefs
      • Assist with bedpan
      • Assist with urinal
      • Assist with commode
      • Reposition bed-bound clients to help prevent skin breakdown
      • Assist with active range-of-motion activities
      • And many more Client requests
    • Personal Assistance & Supportive Care
      • Transfers
      • Ambulation
      • Feeding
      • Assist to bathroom
      • Assist with self-administered medication
      • Limit or encourage fluids
      • Record food intake
      • Record urinary output
      • Record bowel function
    • Homemaking Home Care Services
      • Meal planning
      • Cooking
      • Meal preparation - according to taste/diet
      • Serve meals
      • Wash dishes
      • Light housekeeping - vacuuming, dusting, cleaning client's bathroom, kitchen maintenance, etc.
      • Personal laundry and linens
      • Make/change bed
      • Help with organization - clean closets, sort photos
      • Shopping
      • Errands
      • Grocery shopping
      • Incidental transportation
      • Out-of-town travel assistance
      • Pet care
      • Plant care
      • And many more Client requests
    • Senior Companion Care Services
      • Conversation
      • Reading
      • Games
      • Projects
      • Gardening
      • Appointments
      • Attend events
      • Visit friends
      • Outings
      • Celebrating birthdays
      • Record memoirs
      • Correspondence
      • And many more client requests including Respite Care
  • Process

    Home Care Process


    Our simple process ensures we start care when you need it.

    Step 1: Schedule an Assessment
    The best way to schedule an assessment is to call the office or submit the contact form. While on the phone we can answer any questions you may have and schedule a free assessment with a Care Coordinator.
    Step 2: Develop Care Plan
    While at the home we will assess the home environment and develop a care plan specific for your loved one. This will allow us to make sure your loved one is getting the exact services needed.
    Step 3: Start Care
    Once the care plan is developed we will have a better understanding of which caregivers will be the best fit for you and your family. We can schedule the caregivers and begin care immediately.
  • VA Home Care Benefits

    VA Home Care Benefits

    As a Veteran owned company and a service provider for the VA we are passionate about supporting veterans.  The Aid and Attendance program has traditionally been the most common way families receive support from the VA for home care. Aid Attendance is an amazing benefit but the challenge that most veterans find is that the eligibility requirements were restrictive and the approval process lengthy. Recently, the VA expanded their Home and Community Based Services which includes two options for home care. The promising news is that these program are approved locally through a VA primary care provider and in most cases families can receive 6 – 40 hours / week at no cost.

    VA Home and Community Based Services

    Under the VA Home and Community Based services there are two program that provide home care at no cost for Veterans.  The fact that the VA is expanding these services is very exciting. There are over 9 million Veterans that would qualify for this program right now. The program is underutilized and not very well known in the community. Even as a service provider it has taken us time to figure out how to navigate the approval process for our clients. The good news is that is fairly easy to apply and qualify for.

    There are two programs under the Community Based Services which provide home care services;  The Homemaker/Home Health Aide (HHA) and In-Home Respite program. The Homemaker/ Home Health Aide program is designed for the veteran to receive assistance with ADL's (activities of daily living) 3 - 7 days / week. Typical shift length is 2 hours but can vary.

    The Respite program is designed to provide temporary relief to caregivers of veterans who require ongoing care due to an injury, illness, or disability.  The In Home Respite program allows family caregivers to take a break from their responsibilities, providing them with an opportunity to rest, recharge, and attend to their own personal needs. During the respite period, a trained VA caregiver will provide in-home care to the veteran, ensuring that their medical, personal, and safety needs are met. The respite program usually consists of 6 hour shifts from 2 - 7 days a week. Shift frequency and length can vary depending on authorization from VA case management.


    Veterans can be approved for the Home Health Aide and In-Home Respite simultaneously.  The In-Home Respite and HHA programs are available to veterans who are enrolled in VA healthcare. Any veteran that served 24 consecutive month is eligible for VA healthcare. There is no out of pocket costs associated with these programs. These benefits can alleviate some or all of the financial burden of receiving home care, or to supplement care which is being paid for privately.

    Aid & Attendance Program

    An estimated two million wartime veterans and their widows are eligible for the “Aid & Attendance” benefit to help pay for home care. Many of those eligible veterans live right here in San Antonio.  The Aid and Attendance program is a pension paid directly to the veteran that can then be spent on home care or other long term care options. The amount of the pension can vary but ranges from $1,300 - $2,400 / month. To qualify their is a financial component, the veteran has to have assets less than $129,094. Additionally, the veterans needs to have served in specific war time periods and have health conditions that result in the veterans being home bound.

    At Griswold Home Care we are a community resource in helping veterans apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit. We typically assist our clients applying for this program in one of three ways. Each option has its own benefits; it really depends on the client’s situation to determine which option may be best.

    1. Refer veterans to a Veteran’s Service Office we frequently work with.
    2. Refer clients to an elder law attorney that we work closely with and has intimate knowledge of the Aid and Attendance program. An elder law attorney can walk you through the entire application process.
    3. Refer you to Veteran’s Home Care. Find more details below about our partnership.
    We are happy to announce that we have partnered with a national company called Veteran's Home Care. They have an exceptional VetAssist® Program that helps veterans, or their surviving spouses, apply for the Aide and Attendance benefit. The wonderful thing is Griswold Home Care can provide home care while the VA reviews your claim. The VetAssist® Program also furnishes continuing case management and ongoing compliance monitoring – all with no out-of-pocket costs. They have helped thousands of veteran families receive the “Aid & Attendance” pension while living in the comfort of their own homes.
  • What is Home Health Care
    What is home health care
    Many people get home care services confused with home health care agencies. There is a general lack of knowledge and information not only in the general population but also among medical professionals about the differences between home health care agencies and non-medical home care agencies. Many of our clients not only need non-medical home care, but also require some form of home health care as well. As a result, we work closely with several of San Antonio’s most reputable home health care agencies to ensure our clients have access to the full spectrum of care they require.

    Home Health Care
    Generally home health care agencies primarily engage in providing nursing and/or therapy services in the residence of the patient/client. The types of services commonly associated with home health agencies consists of one or more of the following services:

    • Nursing, including blood pressure monitoring and diabetes treatment;
    • Physical, occupational, speech, or respiratory therapy;
    • Medical social service;
    • Intravenous therapy;
    • Dialysis;
    • Service provided by unlicensed personnel under the delegation or supervision of a licensed health professional;
    • The furnishing of medical equipment and supplies, excluding drugs and medicines;
    • Nutritional counseling

    Home health agencies are public or private organizations that are licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Home health care services are usually covered by an individual’s health insurance and are provided under orders established by a physician.

    Non-Medical Home Care

    In contrast home care does not require a doctor’s order and is not covered by health insurance. Usually the service is paid for through private funds or long term care insurance. Check with your long term care insurance company for their specific requirements as they vary by company.

    Home care is usually defined as routine ongoing care or services required by an individual in a residence or independent living environment that enable the individual to engage in the activities of daily living or to perform the physical functions required for independent living, including respite services. The term usually encompasses the full spectrum of personal care, homemaking and companionship services. It is important to note that medication administration is not within the scope of non-medical home care agencies.

    Home care agencies in Texas that also provide hands-on, personal care, such as the San Antonio offices of Griswold Home Care, must be licensed by the State of Texas as a personal assistance service agency. The following services are usually associated with personal care:

    • Bathing;
    • Dressing;
    • Grooming;
    • Feeding;
    • Exercising;
    • Toileting;
    • Positioning;
    • Assisting with self-administered medications;
    • Routine hair and skin care
    • Transfer or ambulation.

    While home health care and non-medical home care are easily confused, there are very distinct and clear regulatory and scope of service differences. If you are still confused or if you have questions please feel free to give one of our San Antonio offices a call to discuss your specific situation.

  • Rates

    Four or more hours; time-and-a-half for more than 40 hours per caregiver per week.

    Custom 3-hour

    Per hour

    Custom 2-hour

    Per hour

    Weekend Care

    Per Hour. Overnight rate is applicable for any shift through midnight. Weekend rate starts 8 pm - Friday.

    *2 and 3 hour rates are subject to availability
    *Distance outside 1604 may affect rates
    *Rates shown are for private pay only
    *Mileage in caregivers care is IRS rate

    Effective Feb 1 2023

    Holiday Rates
    Holiday rates are time-and-a-half for the following:  
    • New Year's Eve*/Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day
    • Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Eve*/Day
    * beginning at noon on Dec. 24th & 31st

    Things to consider:

    • Minimum Unit for calculating fee: 1/4 hour.
    • Added charge for more than one person.
    • Additional mileage charges may apply outside of Loop 1604.
    • Our Employees operate under a State issued license and are bonded and insured for your protection.
  • FAQs About Non Medical Homecare
    • Are you a licensed agency?
      Yes, the San Antonio Offices of Griswold Home Care are licensed by Texas HHS (Health and Human Services) as a personal assistance services (PAS) agency. As a PAS licensed agency we can provide routine, ongoing care or services required by an individual in a residence or independent living environment that enable the individual to engage in the activities of daily living or to perform the physical functions required for independent living. The types of services that fall under “personal care” as defined in the Texas Administrative Codes are bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, exercising, toileting, positioning, assisting with self-administered medications, routine hair and skin care and transfer or ambulation. Please click on this link to see a sample of our services.
    • What type of services does Griswold Home Care offer?
      Services typically fall under three broad categories: personal care, homemaking, and companionship. Our Caregivers offer a variety of services including bathing, dressing and meal preparation. They can also go shopping and run errands and do light housekeeping for the Client. Caregivers provide reminders with self-administered medications and they offer transportation to Clients for appointments. Please click on this link to see a much broader list of services.
    • Am I obligated to any number of service hours or length of time under your service agreement?
      No. You are never obligated to any number of hours or length of time. We do generally have a four-hour service minimum per shift; however, there are custom rates available for less than four hours. We ask that you provide us 24 hours notice of any service cancellations so that we may place the Caregiver on another case.
    • How much notice do you need to start service?
      With our QuickCare Placement system we are an authority at finding just the right Caregiver on short notice. We can usually start service on the same day that we are contacted. However, for Clients that have unique service requirements or require 24 hours of care, we may need a days notice to ensure we can arrange for the best possible Caregivers to provide your home care needs.
    • How flexible is Griswold Home Care with individual non-medical home care needs?
      Griswold Home Care offers Clients a consumer-driven approach. Care is tailored to meet the specific and individual needs of our home care Clients. We offer hourly, overnight, and live-in home care options. Caregivers provide assistance to senior adults and people with disabilities. We also offer non-medical home care respite to family caregivers needing a break from their caregiving responsibilities.
    • How do I decide how many hours a day I will need to have a home care Caregiver spend with a family member?
      The amount of time a non-medical home care Caregiver spends with someone will depend on how much home care assistance that individual needs. It is important to work with a reputable home care agency that can assist you with identifying your non-medical home care needs and preferences. Home care services should be tailored to a Client's needs and concerns. A good suggestion is to start with the minimum amount of time necessary for a Caregiver to complete identified tasks, with the option to extend the time as needed. A good agency will remain flexible in scheduling care for the Client.
    • Can I sign up for service if I only need assistance occasionally or on a non-routine basis?
      Yes, we provide customized service based on your individual needs.
    • We’ve decided to start home care service, now what do we do?
      Contact our office and we will come out to meet the Client and provide a free, no-obligation assessment. During the assessment we will identify the Client’s existing diagnosis, condition of the Client, the Client’s home care needs, discuss billing procedures and review and sign all of the mandated paperwork. The assessment will assist us in identifying the best possible Caregiver to meet the Client’s needs. We recommend that you contact us a few days prior to the start of service; however, we understand how fluid a Client’s condition is and under most circumstances we can respond the same day.
    • What steps does Griswold Home Care take to assure the Client that the Caregivers can be trusted?
      Griswold Home Care's CareAssure Screening System ensures that only the most professional and proven Caregivers are allowed into our Client's homes. Our screening includes such things as a pre-interview telephone screen; in-person, one-on-one, behavioral-based interviews; extensive in-depth reference checks (at least 2 supervisory and 2 personal references); statewide criminal record checks; Nurse Aide and Employee Misconduct registry checks; and medical screen. We believe a Caregiver’s past performance is the key to identifying future performance which is why we place so much emphasis on behavioral based interviews and reference checking.
    • If I am not happy with my Caregiver can I ask for another person?
      Our CarePairing System ensures we do everything possible to make a good match between the Caregiver and Client which is why we conduct a home visit prior to providing service. We consider numerous elements such as the Caregiver’s skills, personality, experience and even where they live when choosing a Caregiver to place with our Clients. We provide every Client a brochure titled “Welcoming a Caregiver Into Your Home.” The most important factor in the success of the Caregiver and Client relationship is to communicate with the Caregiver on how you would like things done or what your routines are. However, we understand there are times when people do not click and we are happy to find another Caregiver.
    • Does Medicare, Medicaid or other forms of health insurance cover home care services?
      No, health insurance usually does not cover home care services. Coverage is generally provided through private pay, long term care insurance or some VA sponsored programs.
    • I have long term care insurance. Do you accept long term care (LTC) insurance and will it cover home care?
      While every policy is different, typically long term care insurance will cover home care. Our Benefit Assurance Program takes the burden of eligibility determination off your shoulders. If you're unsure whether or not your loved one qualifies for non-medical home care services under his or her current insurance plan, let Griswold Home Care help. Simply call us and provide basic policy information and we will send the care recipient's long-term health care policy to Financial Health Services, LLC (FHS) who will provide a provide a policy eligibility determination within 24 hours. We work with long term care insurance companies from all over the country. You have two options when dealing with LTC insurance. You may file your own claims or you can opt to use our financial services company to file claims on your behalf. If you choose to file your own claim then you will need to have enough funds in reserve to pay the agency while waiting for reimbursement from the LTC Company. This may take anywhere from 2-3 months. Many of our Clients do not have the funds in reserve to wait for reimbursement or do not want the hassle of processing their own claims. They choose the second option which is to have our financial company process all claims on their behalf and pay all monies owed for home care services for a small service fee. The main advantage to using our financial company is you do not have to pay the agency now and wait for 2-3 months for reimbursement from the LTC insurance company.
    • How do I communicate with Griswold Home Care?
      You may speak to any of our professional office staff for assistance. However, if you are a current Client, we recommend you first try contacting your assigned Coordinator. Your Coordinator will have the most up to date information concerning schedules and knowledge of any previous conversations you’ve had. All of our office staff have email addresses as well. Many of our clients and their family members find it more convenient to communicate via email for routine, non-time sensitive issues.
    • Hiring a caregiver privately may save me money, why should I use Griswold Home Care?
      At first blush, hiring a private caregiver may seem to save you money. However, it helps to know all of the facts to make an informed decision. Without us, you must advertise and screen potential applicants, do the hiring and firing, make payroll, withhold and pay taxes, and make all employee filings for income tax, social security, and unemployment. For your benefit and protection, we provide professional liability insurance and bonding. Remember, if you hire a caregiver privately, homeowners' insurance does not cover your liability for claimed employee injury and lost wages. When your regular Caregiver needs time off, we ensure continued coverage by providing a suitable substitute. Have an unexpected home care need; don’t worry we can easily meet your urgent requirement as you have unlimited access to a large pool of Caregivers with diverse experience and skills. Only about 1 in 20 applicants to Griswold Home Care of San Antonio is selected to become a Caregiver, providing you with the best home care available. We ensure Caregivers have the proper experience and credientials for specific circumstances and follow up with home visits and telephone calls to family members. Many caregivers that cannot pass our stringent screening turn to private duty as an alternative. You will be assigned a Coordinator that will be responsible for taking care of all your scheduling and home care needs. They will continuously monitor the quality of your care and service, make home visits, address issues and maintain contact with you and your family members. During these often difficult times, family members should not have to deal with the drudgery of becoming an employer but concentrate on spending quality time with your loved one.
    • How do I pay for home care services?
      Automated clearing house or ACH transfers from your bank account is the preferred and easiest method. Each week you will be emailed an invoice and that amount will automatically be deducted from your accout via ACH. An optional method is through credit cards (Discovery, Mastercard or Visa). No more writing weekly checks or trying to keep up with payments. You can be sure you are only paying for the services provided through our automated clock-in and clock-out system through telephony.