December 26, 2019

Announcing a New Partnership with 15RX Pharmacy

As always our goal is provide an exceptional level of value to our clients. We understand families are often experiencing a number of challenges associated with care for a loved one. Home Care will always be our core service but we pride ourselves on supporting families through the entire family caregiver journey.

One of the real challenges for families is medication management. Through our new partnership, 15 RX Pharmacy will offer home delivery and unique medication packaging at no additional cost to Griswold families outside of their normal medication co-pays.

We were attracted to 15 RX for several reasons but we are very excited about the medication packaging and how it can simply medication management for our clients.


in home medication packaging

The 15 RX packaging is coordinated by date/ time. For example, in the picture above all morning medication is packaged together in the yellow plastic packaging. At a given time in the morning you will take one packet out and take as instructed.

On the back of the packets each medication is listed and which day it should be taken.


Medication packaging


The packets can be torn out individually if the client is going to be out of the house or on a trip.

We have seen how confusing managing medication can be for families. With free delivery and the new packaging, families no longer have to figure out the best pill box system or worry that mom or dad are mixing up their medication. Hopefully this can be another tool to help manage the care for your loved one.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your Care Coordinator at the office 210-496-9993 or you can contact 15 RX Pharmacy directly. If you do speak to 15 RX directly make sure you let them know you are with Griswold so you can be eligible for the free packaging.