What I needed to see in a caregiver was someone who understood my Mom, someone who didn’t just say, “I do this as a job. I do this 100 times a day. One person’s like the next person.” We found the people who were such a wonderful match for Mom and I’ve been able to have them consistently. Griswold supported the fact that I would like the same person consistently. I know now a caregiver is at home with Mom. I can do my job. I can even go out once in a while. And I’m not neglecting my Mom. I’m not worried what’s happening to her. Peace of mind, definitely. Peace of mind, sense of security, understanding that this is the right way to do things. Knowing that someone is here, like the caregivers from Griswold, have given my life back. There’s help for you out there. Look into it. Get some help of people who are specialized and understand what to do for the aging parent, especially when you are not around. Let the people who are more trained do the job because they can actually do it better than you. They really provided what I needed and I was looking for.