I have four children of my own and a full-time job and a husband. So you can see the picture of my life as pretty full. Working everyday and trying to take care of him, I used to run and do the laundry. I would cook the meals and bring him the meals, and it was getting to me emotionally, physically, and I knew that I had to do something.

When you say you wish you could make yourself into a couple of different people so you could be everywhere, well, I actually did. Thanks to Griswold, I do have extensions of me and I don’t worry. I just feel very relaxed and that’s comforting for my emotional well-being at this point.

They picked his caregivers and they’re wonderful. So I know I respect how they processed the caregivers and they definitely matched perfectly. The girls have become more like family than caregivers. Right now, the people that Griswold has chosen for my dad, I have no qualms whatsoever. If I have to leave for a day or I can’t see him for a day, or whatever, I never worry.

I would recommend Griswold. As long as they don’t take my caregivers, I would be fine with that.