Linda: It’s so frustrating to not be able to pick up the phone and call somebody that can say, “Yes, we can help you.” It’s great to have an agency like Griswold that you can go to to help you with the things that you need. Pick up that phone and call and say, “I need help,” and Griswold say, “Okay, what can we do for you?”

Tony: Well, I wanted to stay in my own house. My son, probably the easy way out for him would be to put me in a nursing home or something. Then he’d know that I’d be . . . Get the care that I need but I’d lose my independence and I’d lose a place that I worked hard for all my life, and I wouldn’t want to do that.

Linda: Tony is very independent, and there’s times I want to do things for him and I can tell just by the way he’s doing it that it’s like, “Okay, let him go. If he needs help, he’ll ask for it.” I’m a chatty person. Tony puts up with me and he doesn’t talk as much as I do.

Tony: I can’t replace my wife of 67 years. She’ll never replace her, but she’ll be a close second.