Immediate Mitigation Response

Our highest priority is preserving the health and well-being of our clients, caregivers and staff.

We would like to assure our community and healthcare partners that we are taking every precaution necessary to ensure our operations continue uninterrupted. Our clients depend on us for essential services that allow them complete basic activities of daily living.

  • Provided certified continuing education classes to all of our staff covering coronavirus, symptoms, infection prevention, treatment and coping mechanisms.
  • Increase required PPE to comply with Texas Health and Human Services recommendations
  • Screening caregivers prior to every shift to confirm no COVID-19 symptoms
  • Requiring our caregivers to follow the most stringent CDC recommendations on the prevention of coronavirus.
  • Offering paid sick leave for caregivers in spite of federal mandate exemption
  • Caregivers to take temperatures daily.
  • Temporarily postponing home visits by care coordinators to reduce exposure to clients.

Scheduling to Limit Exposure

Our long standing philosophy has been to be as flexible as possible when creating client's schedules and care plans. For this reason, we only have a two hour shift minimum and no minimum number of shifts per week.

We have seen a shift in preferences as clients are more flexible in their own scheduling if it allows them to reduce the number of caregivers assigned to their case. We have had a lot of success in limiting exposure for clients by limiting the number of caregivers assigned to a client and limiting the number of clients a caregiver is assigned to. In some cases not only does the client have one caregiver, the caregivers also have only one client. This is the best way to reduce exposure while also receiving the care necessary.

You can talk to one of our friendly Care Coordinators today to find out more information.