August 18, 2021

Caregiver Jobs in San Antonio

The care that professional caregivers and CNA’s provide in the home is a vital resource in the San Antonio community. Caregiver jobs and related titles are all listed in the department of labor’s fastest growing careers ( . Three of the top ten fastest growing occupations according to the Department of Labor are Personal Care Aides, Nurse Aides, Home Health Aides. Although they are referred to by different names by the Department of Labor these occupations are all hiring from the same group of people. Combined, these occupations are expected to add over a 1,000,000 additional jobs by 2024.

Due to the aging population and growing demand for services that healthcare works provide, a shortage of caregivers was inevitable. This shortage was only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – 2021. Many healthcare providers that held caregiver jobs in San Antonio needed to stay home with their kids to assist with school, while others were nervous about contracting COVID-19 themselves. 

The future of home care companies will depend on how well they can recruit and retain their care team. 

At Griswold Home Care we understand the challenge and our goal is to create the best caregiver work environment in San Antonio. Below is how we addressed the most important areas of caregivers. 

 Caregiver Education and Training:

  • Caregiver TrainingWe provide a mix of classroom, hands-on and online based education and training for our care team. Often home care companies provide limited or only online education to their care staff. We are committed to developing our caregivers. We understand that many caregivers have developed their skills while taking care of family and most do not receive formal training. We want to make sure our caregivers feel prepared and confident in the job they are doing. We have developed hands on modules that include Managing Dementia Behaviors, Transfer Training, Hoyer LIft operation, Bed Bound Care and Fall Prevention modules.


Flexibility in Scheduling:

  • We all have a lot going on in our lives. One of the main things that employees find attractive about Caregiver jobs is the built in flexibility. We work with our caregivers to make sure they are getting the hours they need when they need them. We know schedules can change while their kids are in/out of school, while they continue their own education and as their spouses schedule changes. Griswold Home Care is one the largest home care agencies in San Antonio this gives more scheduling options for our caregivers. We have a variety of shifts including overnight, mornings, evenings and full-time positions. 


Healthcare Benefits: 

  • We are committed to providing benefits to our care team. We want to make sure that our caregivers receive the care they need when they have health issues. Every member of our care team and their entire household are eligible to receive TelaDoc services for $10 / month, we cover the rest. For those not familiar with TelaDoc, it provides access to an on-call physician 24/7. They can write same-day prescriptions and advise you when further medical care is needed. In addition to TelaDoc service we provide more traditional health and dental coverage for our full time employees (over 30 hours / week). Many of our caregivers have never had health insurance before we believe it’s time that changes. 


Look around and there are many caregiver jobs in San Antonio. It is our goal to make sure that we continue to be the employer of choice. If you are interested in applying you can call the office at 210-496-9993 or apply online – Caregiver Job Openings.