April 4, 2012

Welcome back to the Griswold Blog, where we’re giving you the essential questions to ask when interviewing a non-medical, at-home caregiver for your elderly loved one. The first questions covered security through screening and our Family Feedback System. The next two are about arranging for replacements and clarifying the costs:

3.    How do you handle if a caregiver calls in sick , needs vacation and/or holidays off?

Everyone needs time off and a few sick days – that’s understandable. Just make sure the home care company has a consistent procedure for these circumstances and if you have a say in the selection of a replacement caregiver. Griswold continuously sources professional caregivers beyond current demand to ensure an additional caregiver referral is possible under these circumstances. Griswold’s consumer directed model puts the client in control by allowing families to decide whether to replace a caregiver or not. With Griswold, the client never needs to provide a reason for the decision; the consumer just decides.

4.   What kind of service agreements and contracts will I be dealing with?

Preparation is key to ensure a smooth and successful home care experience. In order to prepare, you have to magnify the fine print — the details, facts and figures. And that means asking for this fine print up front, if necessary. Griswold offer a simple service agreement but never requires clients to commit to a set number of hours or length of service.

When it comes to pricing, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible — and we’re sure you agree. That’s why at Griswold, we make a ValueCare Commitment™ to providing simple rates at an unmatched value. With no costly deposits, no increased cost for higher levels of care or weekends, and no monthly or annual contracts, this simple pricing model ensures that you’re getting exactly what you paid for and that both the home care company and the referred caregiver is striving to earn your business every day.

You’re almost there! Just two more questions and you’ll be prepared to crack the caregiver code to securing the most exceptional home care for your loved one. So check back soon or subscribe!