April 13, 2012

Happy Friday everyone. Before we all transition into the rejuvenating weekend mode, we’ve got a few more words on estate planning you’ll want to hear.

When you talk to your elderly loved one about estate planning, which can be a dry topic, try to keep the conversation as light and positive as possible. For example, if you’re discussing possible relocation of your loved one should he or she need a more convenient home environment or higher level of care, don’t focus on the reasons your loved one would need this relocation. Ask questions like, “What is your ideal living situation?” and “What kind of social activities would you like to be available close to home?”

And always lead with trust and respect — make sure your loved one knows he or she can trust you to make the best decisions now to ensure the best outcomes in the future, for both your loved one and your family. Be patient — don’t make demands, and show your loved one that you value their opinion. Remember, you may be doing the planning, but it’s still your loved one’s life — he or she should have has much input as possible when it comes to his or her assets and property.

Follow the tips we’ve provided this week and do all you can to ensure that your loved one’s estate planning is thorough and designed for his or her best interest. You will be thankful when everything is planned and organized and you have time — untroubled by financial and legal planning — to spend with your loved one.

Have a good weekend! Check back soon or subscribe for next week’s series, which will honor Physical Wellness Month with lots of tips to enhance your loved one’s strength and energy!