March 16, 2012

This is our last post about mindful munching, which we’re blogging about this week in honor of National Nutrition Month®. We promised a tiny tip with a big bite, so here it is:

Online groceries — If transportation or physical limitations are inhibiting trips to the grocery store, there is a simple solution. Look into the numerous online grocery stores out there, some with organic options and special foods for dietary restrictions. Online grocery shopping is known for its easy and convenient process, but get your loved one used to it by ordering together the first few times.

Tip: Check out online grocery sites like Netgrocer and Groceries-Express. Some online stores, like Drugstore, offer much more than just food — from household and beauty items to medicine, health and personal care products.

With resources and technology like online grocery shopping, your loved one is able to live a healthy, meaningful and independent life. So for the month of March and beyond, help make meals wholesome, social and accessible for your loved one.

Next week, our posts are about dementia — as you know, this is a crucial topic, so don’t miss our information and advice!