January 13, 2017

San Antonio, TX — January 13, 2017 —.  Jean Griswold Foundation, a private charity established in 2010, was created by Griswold Home Care to further the company’s belief that care for the elderly and disabled should be available to all and not just the privileged few. Jean Griswold Foundation’s vision is a future in which all seniors, including those with limited financial means, will have the opportunity to age with dignity in the comfort their own homes. To carry out this vision, and to give back to the communities they serve, the Foundation provides grants for select community programs such as Project MEND, that help people age in place who otherwise could not afford to do so. Donations to the foundation by Griswold Home Care franchisees, friends, and family allowed the Foundation now in its’ fourth year of issuing grants has awarded over $145,000 worth of grants to nonprofit organizations across the nation.

Jean Griswold Foundation received 340 proposals this cycle from nonprofits that were in need of dollars to support their mission. We are extremely honored to have received so many proposals from nonprofit organizations during our fourth funding cycle. The proposals were carefully reviewed by the Foundation’s Grants Committee, comprised of 9 members, to determine which programs best aligned with their mission and funding priorities. Project MEND was one of the organizations chosen due to their work with the indigent and disabled populations in the San Antonio community.

Project MEND believes mobility and independence are basic human rights, and they empower individuals to become active members of their communities through the reuse of medical equipment. Project MEND takes in donations of used medical equipment and they repair, refurbish and professionally sanitize the equipment and then inventory and warehouse it for redistribution to individuals living with disabilities. Due to their impact on the disabled and senior populations within San Antonio, Denise Bennett, Development Director, for Project MEND was awarded a $1,000 grant by Laura and Ryan McGuire on behalf of the Jean Griswold Foundation.

About Jean Griswold Foundation
Jean Griswold Foundation appreciates the generosity of all their friends and supporters. Every dollar donated is used to further their mission to support programs and services that allow seniors to age in place. Jean Griswold Foundation, a 501(c)(3) private foundation established in 2010, provides grants to select community programs that help people age in place. In 2016, the name of the foundation was changed from The Griswold Cares Foundation to Jean Griswold Foundation, in recognition of the founder of Griswold Home Care, Dr. Jean Griswold. Those selected for grants help to advance the Foundation’s mission of supporting services to those in need so individuals may “age in place”. For more information please visit www.GriswoldCares.org.

About Griswold Home Care
Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1969, Dr. Jean Griswold understood the importance of needing support without losing independence. When a member of her husband’s Presbyterian parish passed away because she couldn’t find affordable help at home, Jean took action. Armed with a background in education and geriatric counseling, she planted the seeds for a national organization and an enduring mission. For over 30 years, Griswold Home Care has helped hundreds of thousands of people to live independently and age in place. Since its foundation, Griswold Home Care has been profiled on NBC’s The Today Show, been recognized in magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and USA Today, and has grown to become one of the nation’s leading non-medical in-home care companies. For more information visit www.GriswoldSA.com, or call 210-496-9993.