April 27, 2012

We’re glad you’re joining us! It’s Friday, the last day of the week, so let’s kick off the weekend with one last trip-and-fall risk factor and the ways to decrease the risk for your loved one.


One-third of all falls in the elderly happen because of hazard-induced accidents in the home. This means tripping over objects on the floor or falling due to poor lighting, loose rugs, poorly mounted/inadequately located/lack of grab bars or unsteady furniture.


In all living areas, avoid throw rugs and secure any loose carpet edges with nonskid tape. Make sure the floor is devoid of clutter and night lights or motion-sensitive lighting are maintained throughout the home.

Like we said in our last post, adding contrasting color strips to stairs aids in weakened depth perception and implementing grab bars and handrails helps with depreciated balance. Emergency numbers should be listed in large print by each phone. It’s also smart to consider installing an electronic emergency response system, like LifeAlert — not only as a safety measure for your loved one, but also as a source of serenity for you.

The hazard hotspots in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. Check out our previous blog posts on elderly bathroom safety and kitchen caution to reduce the risks of falling and other accidents in these rooms.

We hope you found this series on fall prevention helpful. May you and your loved one have a safe and fall-free weekend! Subscribe or check back on Monday for the kickoff to our next series on Parkinson’s Disease Awareness.