March 30, 2020

Supporting Families in Different Ways

We wanted to let you know we are still available to provide care for seniors that need support in the home.

A holistic approach to supporting families has always been one of our core beliefs.  In addition to amazing caregivers we have formed community partnerships to provide family caregiver training, support groups, music therapy (coming soon) and medication packing/ delivery.

In that same spirit, I love the way our team and community partners have pulled together to find ways to engage and support families through this crisis.

Below are a few of my favorite examples:



Virtual Support Group

Support Groups are looking a little different. Our early stage support group has moved to a video conference format.  We started our Early Stage Alzheimer’s Support group in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association a little over two years ago. The goal of the group was to provide an opportunity for family caregiver and the person living with Alzheimer’s to talk about how they are feeling, find community and share resources. For the last two weeks we have missed that connection but thanks to great leadership of the Alzheimer’s Association, we have been able to move to a virtual format. It was not quite as good as being with everyone in person but it was great seeing everyone!

The Alzheimer’s Association is launching additional “virtual” support groups very soon. Find more information on their website:



At Jefferson Outreach, located in San Antonio TX, has a long history of providing great resources to our seniors. They are committed to providing Senior citizens with FREE supportive services. Their services include transportation, telephone reassurance, emotional support, special events, volunteer opportunities resources and referrals. It is their goal to help seniors maintain healthy, secure, and independent lifestyles.  During this crisis Jefferson Outreach has been providing free groceries and essential necessities and delivering them directly to the senior. They are supported through donations and organizations such as HEB and our very own Jean Griswold Foundation. You can support Jefferson Outreach or refer seniors in need on their website:



Jean griswold foundation covid-19

Speaking of the Jean Griswold Foundation, they have been incredibly responsive to the challenges that seniors are now facing. The foundation has moved up their normal grant timeline so that they can support organizations that are responding to the COVID-19 crisis right now. The Jean Griswold Foundation is a private charity established by Griswold Home Care to further the company’s belief that care for the elderly and disabled should be accessible to all. Every dollar donated is used to further its mission to support programs and services that allow seniors to age in place. Formerly the Griswold Cares Foundation, the 501c3 nonprofit changed its name in 2016 to honor the founder of Griswold Home Care, Dr. Jean Griswold, who passed away in 2017. To learn more about the Jean Griswold Foundation or donate to this new initiative, please visit



The WellMed Charitable Foundation has always been great at supporting family caregivers. The Teleconnection program is even more important now as family caregivers are dealing with isolation and lack of resources. They have relevant upcoming topics including, “Coping with the Coronavirus While Caregiving”. If you have a family that is feeling isolate and looking for resources throughout the crisis this may be a good resource for you.


If you know of any other resource please share them with us. We would love to be able to spread the word for our clients and families. We started Griswold Home Care to provide care for families in need, the heart of our team continues to deliver on that promise.