Harriet: I had a bad cold for the longest while. I was coughing a lot. So Ramada was after me to go to the doctor. I said, “No, No.” Finally I agreed. It was on a Saturday morning that we went to Montgomery Hospital and they took an X-ray. And right away they said, “Oh, you’re in bad shape and you’re going to stay here all day and we’ll do what we can.” If I had let it go and if it had gotten pneumonia, I’m amazed these days how many people do die of pneumonia. I feel I owe her my life, because I can be very stubborn. “No, I’m not going to go. Forget it.”

Ramada: When she tells me back that, “I was really glad you encouraged me to do this, because I was really not ready for anything today. I didn’t feel like, but you make me really feel better.”

Harriet: She won out. She won that battle. As I say, I’m really very lucky to have her.

Ramada: A lot of seniors, you know, when they’re not feeling well, they don’t want to be in the nursing home. They want to be in their home. So helping them in their home makes me really happy, and seeing them that they’re happy and allowing me to help them really makes a big difference to me.

Harriet: You see, my fear is I’m going to slip and break an arm again. So she’s been wonderful, really. And she has a lovely car. So I have chauffeur service. And I’ve no complaints. No complaints at all.

Ramada: I love driving her everywhere and she’s very proud of me. She always tell everybody, “She’s a good driver. She takes me everywhere.”

Harriet: And it really worked out fine. I’ve liked her from day one. And we’ve gotten along very well. As I say, she’s very dedicated to me. Like she’ll say, “I want to . . . ,” I said, “You don’t have to always do everything.” “I want to take care.” That kind of thing.

Ramada: I like helping people because it’s really fulfilling. It make me feel good, helping people.

Harriet: She always calls me when she has a day off or when she leaves. She always calls and I tell my friends, I said, “My aide calls me even when she’s not here.” They can’t believe that.

Ramada: I like when people happy and I like to make people feel better with themselves.

Harriet: She has really filled a great need for me. Let’s put it that way.