Leroy: At my age, the pneumonia hit me hard. I’ve taken quite a bit of time to recover. I lost somewhere around 30 pounds in the process. I had been a caretaker to my wife who had a couple strokes in the last few years. In my debilitated condition after the pneumonia, I was unable to do all of the things I could do. I just didn’t have the energy. I didn’t have the pep. I didn’t have the strength. My daughter had done some research in all the help that was available and we talked with Griswold and thought that they were probably the best offer.

Stacy: The way we help the client, we help them understand we’re there not to totally take their independence away. We reassure them that we’re there to help them keep their independence.

Leroy: What we liked about Griswold was the flexibility that they provide. They provide all kinds of service. They’re very respectful of our conditions. They help where we need them. They let us do what we want to do. They can do whatever we ask them.

Joyce: They do good work. They are a comfort. She has been just what we need.

Leroy: It was comforting that Joyce would be here in good hands. They would take good care of her.

Stacy: I have coffee with my clients in the morning and I do some household chores that they’re unable to do and I also help with the bathing. And we sit and we talk and we laugh a lot.

Leroy: The help Griswold provided probably took as good of care or better care of my wife than what I did.

Joyce: Well, with my experience with Griswold, I certain would recommend them. And I know that they would do a good job.

Leroy: I would definitely recommend Griswold.