Marie: I said, “Well, you know, I’m not really happy about this,” because I was always independent, on my own with everything, and I was thinking, “I don’t know whether I’m going to like somebody else in the house,” and just the things she told me about Gertrude. She said, “Oh, I have just the lady for you.” As soon as she walked in the door I loved her.

Gertrude: And we just fell in love with one another. She’s a sweet, sweet thing.

Marie: It’s a good feeling that I don’t have to come down and do any cooking for myself. I don’t have to change my bed. There was a time I thought I would say, “She can’t do that right.” She does everything just the way I want it.

Gertrude: Certain stage in life you cannot do what you used to do. There is some day you will have to need somebody help.

Marie: She knows just what to do. She doesn’t ask me. I don’t have to tell her. She just goes right ahead and does what has to be done.

Gertrude: I just a caring person.

Marie: I tell her everyday, “You better not leave me. Better not. You’ll be sorry.”

Gertrude: She’s just it, Auntie It. Everything is nice and sweet for her.

Marie: It’s just perfect, and it really is.